ASIFA Austria Forum

am 10-09-2022 beim Symposium Expanded Animation 2022 auf der Ars Electronica!

Ort: Ars Electronica Center/Linz, der Eintritt zum Symposium ist frei, keine Voranmeldung erforderlich.

Drei Live-Setting-Lectures von internationalen Vortragenden, kuratiert und organisiert für ASIFA Austria von Juergen Hagler und Reinhold Bidner.
Ausserdem sind diese und alle anderen Vorträge von Expanded Animation als Livestream über die Webseite zugänglich.
Website mit detailliertem Programm:

11:00 Uhr: ASIFA Austria Forum – Amanita Design: The Art of Creaks

Radim Jurda and Jan Chlup

Artists and designers Radim Jurda and Jan Chlup will guide you through the process of making Amanita Design’s video game Creaks, released in 2020. The talk will offer insight into how the authors developed the visual style that originated from their experience and interest in traditional art techniques. You will also learn about their approach to game design, technical solutions, and challenges they have encountered along the way while creating the surreal atmospheric world filled with puzzles. 40 min

Jan Chlup & Radim Jurda
Jan Chlup (CZ) is a visual artist and designer interested in painting, new media, and games. He is a co-author of the video game Creaks (Amanita Design). In his art practice, he uses technology and other media to expand the medium of classical painting. He was born in 1986. In 2011 obtained a master’s degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. He currently lives and works in Prague, Czech Republic.
Radim Jurda (CZ) is a game designer and visual artist. He is the author of the video game Creaks (Amanita Design) and the board game Insula (CBG). He was born in 1984. He studied illustration and animation. In 2013 obtained a master’s degree from the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague. Radim sees games as a great opportunity to connect logic and art and an excellent way to bring classical art techniques to life. He currently lives and works in Brno, Czech Republic.

11:40 Uhr: ASIFA Austria Forum – Michelle Kranot: Expanded Animation with a Focus on Collaborative Processes


By testing the frontiers of immersive art and moving images, and activating participation in location-based XR experiences, we are compelled to ask how the medium is changing the way we tell a story, and how animation is used to both excite and provoke. While much research on immersive storytelling focuses on theories and on audience experiences, as researchers at The Animation Workshop at the VIA University College Research & Development Department, our focus is on an investigation of the story design process through collaboration and shared experiences. The presentation will outline key case studies: from Nothing Happens (2017), Songbird (2018), The Hangman at Home (2021) and We Are at Home (2022), to the most current work-in-progress. 40 min

Michelle Kranot
Michelle Kranot (IL/DK) is a multimedia artist based in Denmark. She has been working with Uri Kranot as a duo for 20 years. The Kranots gained recognition with films such as Black Tape, Hollow Land, How Long not long, Nothing Happens, Songbird and most recently, the multimedia work The Hangman at Home.
Together, the Kranots are the founders of TinDrum, a research and development studio, and leaders of ANIDOX, with a focus on animated documentaries, as part of the Animation Workshop / VIA University Collage. Michelle holds various key positions as researcher, educator and project leader in the Center for Visual Storytelling, and is an active curator and guest lecturer internationally.

12:20 Uhr: ASIFA Austria Forum – Martina Scarpelli: I JUST WANTED TO DRAW


From 2D animated films to real-time VR theater, VR concerts and animated operas. This talk will discuss my journey from a VR skeptic to thinking metaverses. I will go through some of my works, reveal some of the threads that have always been there and talk about how technology slowly sneaked into my art practice. 40 min

Martina Scarpelli
Martina Scarpelli (*1988, IT/DK) is an Italian director and producer based in Denmark, with a bachelor in Fine Art from “Academy of Brera” in Milano, and a bachelor in Animation from “Experimental Cinematography Center” in Turin. She works as animation director, creative director and most recently as a producer pushing for projects that are sexy, funny, a little rude at times and smart. She cofounded Viborg based “Plastic Collective” a hub for creativity and experiments involving technology and animation. Martina’s short film Egg was selected at more than 150 festivals and won over 45 awards. She is now working on her first feature film “Psychomachia”, an animated opera.